In the future...

every decision mankind makes is going to be informed by a cognitive system...
and as a result our lives in this world are going to be better for it.


We're Drowning in Data

Business users require an infinite variety of daily searches tailored to their unique job-tasks.The equivalent of 100 million smart-phones worth of data is added to the web every hour - 80% of which is unstructured.

A Smarter Solution for Business Research

A virtual analyst that learns from users to deliver smarter and more relevant results. Combines human knowledge and expertise with machine learning scalability in an intuitive interfaces.

Deep Technical Expertise

Spun out of Vantage Software, provider of software to investment firms who manage over $1 trillion Developed by a team who has written 25+ books on artificial intelligence and programming Partners with IBM Watson, the world's most sophisticated natural language processing software.